Coastal flights are designed to take you straight to the heart of the most celebrated parks in Tanzania

You can get to your lodge quickly, safely and in absolute comfort, saving time and energy for your safari. Or enjoy more time to relax at your destination. Free your safari from futile miles of traffic and bone-breaking roads!


A flying safari is a privileged safari experience enabled by the partnership with the most dedicated hosts, residents who are intimately familiar with their surroundings. The lodge owners can ensure the quality of each and every detail of the safari and tailor it to your needs.

Guides are not self-taught driver-guides, but real experts of their territory who can use their deep knowledge of the areas to show you big game as well as little aspects that would be invisible to outsiders. Not only are they wildlife experts, many have become almost professional photographers and will help you capture the most amazing memories.


A flight over the African bush and the Indian Ocean coastline offers breath-taking views over the most astonishing landscapes, which will carve places in your heart and minds allowing you to appreciate the beauty and vastness of Tanzania.

Once at your destination, dedicated safari vehicles then drive you into the most pristine nature, with literally no boundaries between you and the surrounding environment as you immerse yourself into the experience.


Coastal private flights connect the most remote corners, secluded camps and lodges allowing you to enjoy untamed nature far from the hassle and crowds of mainstream tourism.

From the primate forests of Katavi to the plains of the Serengeti, the slopes of Kilimanjaro to the waterways of Selous, from the floodplains of Ruaha to the Indian Ocean archipelagos. Make your safari experience unique by flying in luxury, at your own pace, and on your own terms.


Our rules vary for each flight according to the class, season and flight dates. They are always detailed during the booking process and on every document issued, so make sure you review them carefully before finalizing your itinerary. For further assistance contact: reservations@coastal.co.tz or +255 699 999 999 Ext: 200


Are you arriving in Tanzania with little time to spare before your domestic flight to your first safari destination? We suggest talking to your agent to get your entry visa before leaving your country through the E-visa system. This will save valuable time at the entry point.

Tight connection on Departure?

While we cannot possibly take responsibility for making the connection, we might be able to work some magic, if you tell us ahead of time.


we will try our best to accommodate you on the same aircraft, however with small planes and a variety of restrictions on our operations, we may not be able to accommodate you together; explain your needs to our reservations team, ground staff or to the Captain, and we will try our level best!


Unfortunately, this can happen on rare occasions with us too. We do not have sophisticated RFID baggage tags like large airlines; however, we can assist you in carrying your luggage but please keep track of the loading and unloading of them.


Please do leave it at home! Bush destinations require small soft bags, easier to load onto small aircraft and more likely to travel with you. Our standard baggage dimensions are 40 x 40 x 80 cm (16 x 16 x 31 inches)


Due to our aircraft being small, we might not be able to seat larger customers comfortably; we also have to manage our weight and balance more carefully. Please let us know at time of booking and we might be able to assist with a more convenient option.


It is easy to lose track of time while enjoying the surreal nature of Tanzania and/or East Africa. Whilst we do not want to leave you stranded in the bush, please respect our schedule and other customers’ time by being on time. Thank you.


Unfortunately, we will be at times late! Coastal – The Flying Safari Company’s intent is to provide connectivity between camps, even the most remote ones, and international gateways. As we strive to deliver on our promise, “to transport guests between these points in accordance with prearranged itinerary”, our circumstances are never predictable and long delays may arise: difficult roads, floods, unusable airstrips, bad weather and a number of other factors impossible to estimate may conspire against an otherwise precise timetable. Thank you for your understanding, as you enjoy your safari.