Airlines have a massive responsibility towards the environment and behaving more responsibly. That dawning reality has reached us at Coastal and we are proud to make commitments to commence our journey to go green. We will be adopting Eco-friendly habits that will hopefully result in a more positive impact to our environment and reduce harm to our planet.


Activities carried out:


CO2 Emissions Offset – Environmental Benefits

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is produced as a result of fuel consumption and aeroplanes use a lot of fuel when they are taking off and when they are landing. The more fuel a plane uses, the more CO2 is emitted. Every time we are flying, different gases are exposed (emitted)to the atmosphere and that only adds to the problem of climate change.

Coastal is partnering with Carbon Tanzania so our passengers can offset their Carbon Emission and help balance out the share of emissions from that flight.

Sustainable Tourism

Coastal will partner with different organizations to re-greening the foothills around Mount Kilimanjaro and planting trees in different regions.  We are all responsible for the future of our planet. Community engagement is critical in the effort to preserve the environment.

WildAid completes the partnership in the protection and prevention of illegal wildlife trade/poaching. Together we will work to reduce consumption of wildlife products and increase local support for conservation efforts.

We are actively supporting their current campaign of saving our lions #bethepride

In Tanzania the #lion is a symbol that’s inextricably linked with our national identity, representing not just our rich natural heritage, but also the traits we idealize and aim to embody as a nation. Qualities like strength, majesty, power, courage, and resilience.

But soon the lion might symbolize extinction – across Africa numbers of wild lions are plummeting, having halved in just the last 20 years alone. Home to 40% of the world’s remaining wild lions, Tanzania has long been considered a leader in lion conservation. However, the lion’s survival is threatened by several factors – 60% of them live outside of protected areas, where they are vulnerable to habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, and the bushmeat trade.

Reduced Plastic Usage

Tanzania has already implemented a plastic bag ban. This is an incredibly great initiative and we too want to play our part, as we plan and pre-empt for the future. Coastal has dramatically reduced the usage of single-use plastic water bottles on its aircraft.

With effect from 01 August 2019, we stopped offering water bottles to our customers. Instead we have water coolers for Coastal passengers to fill and refill at all our main hub airports (Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Zanzibar). At those airports, water bottles are also available for sale.