Luggage policy

What’s the Coastal luggage allowance?

Passengers are permitted a maximum luggage allowance of 15kgs (33lbs) per person including carry-on luggage. Soft bags are strongly recommended but are not obligatory. The carriage of excess luggage is at the sole discretion of the Company after taking into consideration the aircraft being used and the admissible maximum load.

We do not have sophisticated RFID baggage tags like large airlines; however, we can assist you in carrying your luggage but please keep track of the loading and unloading of them at the various airstrips.

Excess luggage carried will be charged at the prevailing freight rate. Final decision on load allowable or any flight condition is solely at the pilot’s discretion.

Does your luggage fit?

The cargo pod door measurements are: 76cm x 48cm x 29cm (30” x 19” x 11”). If your bag is larger that that, we won’t be able to get it through the door of the cargo pod. Maximum weight: 15kg (33lbs) .

Additional luggage?

More Luggage, No Problem! We have an XL seat class available. If guests need to take more luggage they can book a premium class seat which allows them to carry 30kg (66lbs). These seats are subject to availability. We may be able to accommodate even more weight if informed well ahead of time, however we will have to charge an additional seat on the plane. Or we could suggest booking the entire aircraft for sole use on private charter basis. If you arrive in Tanzania without prior baggage reservation, your extra luggage may have to be re-routed on a later flight.

Excess luggage not needed during the safari?

Tanzania has tropical weather hence you don’t need to carry around the heavy layers of winter clothing that you may have worn from your origin point.  We provide storage facilities in Dar es Salaam at our Airport Office in Terminal 1; you can leave any luggage not needed and can then pick up at the time of leaving the country.

Oversized bags cannot be carried on your lap

Your safety is paramount in our operation. Unsecured objects in the cabin are hazardous!