Travel Tips

Check-in Time

Please make sure you adhere to the minimum Check-in Time on your ticket. The Flight will be deemed to be closed 15 minutes before the departure time and any late passenger may be considered a NO SHOW.

Inter-terminal Transfers

We wish to remind all our agents that we offer complimentary inter-terminal transfers at Julius Nyerere International Airport‚ Dar es Salaam. This service is best pre-booked at the time of booking. It is important to note this service is not a meet and greet service. The airport authorities do not allow us to meet guests at the airside. This service is only available for Coastal Air passengers.

Tanzania Bans Plastic Bags

Please be informed that Tanzania has only banned plastic bags This will affect all arriving passengers into the country. Passengers found entering the country with plastic bags may face hefty fines. Please alert your clients and guests accordingly.

Or we could suggest booking the entire aircraft for sole use on private charter basis. If you arrive in Tanzania without prior baggage reservation‚ your extra luggage may have to be re-routed on a later flight.


Check current requirements with the nearest Tanzanian High Commission‚ embassy or consulate‚ or your travel agent.

VISA in Kigali

The East African union visa can guarantee your travel between Rwanda‚ Uganda‚ and Kenya only. To visit Tanzania‚ you will need a Tanzanian visa.

Yellow Fever Certificates

We wish to remind all our passengers to carry a valid Yellow Fever Certificate. Especially passengers traveling from the Maasai Mara to The Serengeti via Migori and Tarime.


Swahili is the National language of Tanzania‚ however‚ English is widely spoken‚ but learning a few words of Swahili can be useful and will be appreciated greatly by the local people.


Tanzanian shilling (Tshs / Tzs) divided into 100 cents. Major foreign currencies- such as US dollars‚ Euro and traveler’s cheques are accepted and are convertible at banks and Forex bureaus in the main towns and tourist areas. Apart from most high-end lodges‚ credit cards are not widely accepted. Some banks in major cities offer ATM for credit/debit cards. Park fees are payable using special TANAPA cards available at local CRDB & Exim bank. Alternatively‚ payment by Mastercard & Visa card is accepted. Avoid changing money in the street.

Major Airlines

KLM‚ Swiss Air‚ Qatar‚ Emirates‚ Oman‚ Airlink‚ Kulula‚ Eurowings‚ Ethiopian‚ Kenya Airways‚ Turkish‚ Egypt‚ Rwandair‚ Uganda air‚ Precision Air‚ and Air Tanzania.



Malaria is endemic but is preventable; use insect repellant‚ cover up at sundown‚ sleep under a mosquito net and take anti-malaria prophylactics as advised by your doctor. Drink only boiled or bottled water and drinks.


Park Hours

National Park gates open at 06:30 hrs and close at 18:00 hrs.


Generally dry and hot with cool nights/mornings in June – October; short rains from November to mid – December and long rains in March-May‚ but the seasons can vary. The coastal strip is hot and humid all year round. Temperatures on Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru drop to below freezing.


Pack lightweight‚ washable clothes plus a sweater for early morning game drives‚ as well as a sun hat‚ sunglasses‚ and sunscreen. Long sleeves and trousers in light-colored fabrics help discourage insect bites. Shorts for women are acceptable. Women should carry a wrap to cover legs in the villages and towns as revealing clothes can cause offense‚ especially in Zanzibar and Muslim areas. On the beach and within the confines of beach hotels normal swimwear is acceptable. If you have plans to climb Kilimanjaro or Meru‚ bring thermal underwear‚ light layers‚ a sweater‚ rain jacket‚ proper socks‚ and sturdy boots.

On Safari

Distances in Tanzania are vast and travel by road can be wearing. Plan to spend more time in fewer parks. You’ll see more and won’t return home exhausted. Keep your distance from animals and be quiet to avoid distressing the wildlife. Follow the instructions of rangers or guides. Don’t leave your vehicle in the parks except in designated places. Keep to recognized tracks to avoid damaging vegetation.


Protect your camera from dust and keep equipment and film cool. It is courteous to ask permission before photographing local people. If you intend to take a lot of people’s pictures‚ please bring an instant printer with you so that you can leave a picture of the people you photograph.


Tanzanians love children and are especially helpful to mothers. However‚ canned baby food‚ powdered milk‚ and disposable nappies may not be available outside major towns.