Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC)

Coastal flies only under MCC procedures – Multi-Crew Cooperation. All commercial flights are guided by this procedure. MCC is not just about ‘2 pilots’. It is not simply that there is a 2nd crew member in the cockpit! There is a HUGE difference in an MCC operation, where both pilots are extensively trained and must be qualified in MCC (Multi-Crew Cooperation) before being allowed to fly for Coastal Air.

This is a revelation in how we operate as a seamless team. The actions in the cockpit are governed by an approved Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which prescribes the roles of the two pilots precisely. Commencing from the crew room briefing, through all the phases of the flight until they leave the aircraft post flight, there are procedures and checklists that guide all their co-ordinated actions and decisions. This is the backbone of international airline safety.

Coastal Air has chosen to differentiate ourselves with that higher level of operational safety, through institutionalising MCC  in our operations. This is in order to give all our customers the reassurance that we are following the same MCC standards as many have come to expect of the larger, global operators.