Taxes and Fares

Airport Service Tax

The Tanzanian Government has mandated an airport service tax for all passengers embarking on a flight from a Government airstrip; that is most tarmac airstrips in Tanzania‚ except a few privately owned ones and bush airstrips in national parks and game reserves.

Safety Fee

The Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) has also been authorized by the Government to collect a safety fee which goes to cover the costs of air traffic control and managing the airspace.

Charged Amounts

The applicable taxes currently sum up as follows:

Domestic flights
• USD 15 per person out of government airstrips
• USD 5 per person out of private and bush airstrips

International flights from Tanzania
• to Kigali (RW): USD 92 per person
• to Nairobi (WIL): USD 62 per person

International flights to Tanzania
• from Kigali (RW): USD 92 per person
• from Nairobi (WIL): USD 72 per person

Please note that private airstrips may charge additional passenger fees. This may vary in time beyond our control.

Taxes in Coastal Tickets

The payable amount of taxes is calculated and added to the cost of the ticket automatically every time a ticket is issued. That means‚ should any amendment occur to a confirmed booking‚ the value of the taxes could change depending on factors beyond the control of Coastal. Please note that taxes may also be subject to currency fluctuation.

Cancellation Policy

For flight amendment and cancellation‚ rules may vary from flight to flight according to the fare class‚ the season and the advance on the flight date. All cancellations need to be emailed to at the below time prior to departure to avoid charges;



Inducement Flights

What are inducement flights?
Coastal Air operates a number of routes that are pioneer routes for which demand is not high enough to allow regular daily operation. These routes therefore require the incentive of a minimum number of passengers per booking to induce us to operate the flight. A list of these flights and their corresponding inducement seats can be viewed below.

Flights to or from Dolly for Kiligolf 2
Flights to or from Selous 2
Flights to or from Selous 2
Flights to or from Ruaha 2
Flights to or from Songosongo 4
Flights to or from Kigali  4
Flights to or from Serengeti/ Mwiba 2
Flights to or from Tarangire / Kuro 2
Flights to or from Pangani (Kwajoni) 2
Flights to or from Rubondo 4
Flights to or from Migori (KE) 2
Flights to or from Tarime 2
Flights from Serengeti to Ruaha/Selous 4

The Refund Policy of Inducement:

Each flight is checked 48 hours before departure‚ should the minimum inducement be met‚ a refund will be allowed.
Note‚ that full paying passengers seats exclude staff and standby seats.
The request for refund has to be made in writing to

Once refund is approved reimbursement will be arranged.