Mafia Island

3° 23' 12.9'' S and 36° 40' 58.7'' E

Mafia Island is the largest of a small archipelago of islands and atolls and is truly a paradise in the Indian Ocean. Coastal Aviation flies here daily from Dar es Salaam.

Dar es salaamMafia10:4511:20
Dar es salaamMafia15:0015:30
MafiaDar es salaam12:4513:15
MafiaDar es salaam17:0017:30
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Mafia airport

Highlights to explore

Situated a short 30 minutes flight from Dar es salaam‚ lies the wonder that is Mafia Island. Experience one of the most unforgettable underwater safaris that the island has to offer. The water surrounding Mafia Island are home to one of the regions largest protected marine nature reserves. Host to over 400 species of marine life‚ spend your days snorkelling with sea turtles‚ moray eels‚ octopuses‚ giant reef rays and not forgetting the opportunity to dance around with the majestic Whale Sharks.

Travel Information

1. The Island is a laid-back eco-alternative with one straight tarmac road‚ few hotels‚ no fancy shops‚ only 1 ATM (credit cards are accepted at the up-market lodges). But be warned‚ if you want fancy shops and a wild nightlife‚ Mafia isn’t for you!

2. Like the mainland‚ the island has two rainy seasons: short rains in November and December‚ and long rains from March to May‚ when the island’s tourism closes. The best time of the year for diving is from October to February‚ when visibility is best — up to 25m (8 ft.) — and you can dive the walls outside the reef that protects Chole Bay.

3. Swim with Whale Sharks – These beautiful giants are seasonally found just a few hundred metres offshore near Kilindoni Harbour. A short boat ride towards the west brings us to a feeding ground for the sharks and soon fins and dark shapes are apparent. The boat can move among them quietly and visitors can swim and snorkel to get a closer‚ underwater view of these gentle‚ wonderful animals. The sharks remain in a well-defined area.