A private flight is the most convenient way to explore and live Africa, privately and directly to your destination.

Private flight is a flight tailored on clients’ needs. The service is fully custom-made: routing, date, time and all feature of the service can be designed so to travel in the most efficient and enjoyable way. And of course a private charter flight can reach any destination, breaking free of the limitations of scheduled commercial flights. Get in touch with our team to tailor your private flight experience.


No compromises on comfort for your private flights.

PC12 passengers enjoy a comfortable and jet-like experience even when reaching the most secluded of bush airstrips. Its cabin is pressurized, so it can travel higher and faster, above the weather on a clear day, with the most spectacular views of Africa. A with a spacious cabin for you to stretch your legs and while away your time and your leisure.

Corporate Services

We know what businesses need.

Having been a top aviation provider in East Africa for over 30 years, at Coastal we have learned how to fulfill transport requirements for a variety companies across various industries. Our team is expert trained in providing the best service and support to cater to your specific need, be it a solution on our scheduled flights or an ad hoc option with dedicated charter flights. We also offer ACMI leases, aircraft management and aircraft purchase consultancy.