Rubondo Island

3° 23' 12.9'' S and 36° 40' 58.7'' E

Rubondo Island‚ the largest island national park in Africa. Coastal Aviation flies here daily‚ connecting the park with all other parks in the region.

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Rubondo airstrip

Highlights to explore

Rubondo Island is located in the south-western corner of Lake Victoria. The island is on a rift in the lake. Rubondo essentially consists of a partially submerged rift of four volcanically formed hills‚ linked by three flatter isthmuses. The island has no rivers and the soil is volcanic.

Travel Information

1. The park has a pleasant climate throughout the year with humidity primarily in the forests that covers the majority of the park and the most comfortable months are June to September.

2. The introduction of the chimpanzees was not only beneficial for them and their well-being – it actually had a considerably positive impact on the island itself‚ improving its biodiversity‚ enhancing its eco-systems‚ and ultimately cementing its entire existence.

3. We suggest carrying hiking boots and clothes to protect you from natural elements during your walking trails / hiking activities to keep you comfortable. Also don’t forget to carry insect repellent as tropical park is home to many types of ground and avian insects.

4. Rubondo is also home to extraordinary wildflowers. In mid-November‚ the landscape erupts with vivid color and shapes joined by tall grasses‚ wild jasmine‚ species of wild orchid and during short rains‚ Gloriosa and Fireballs lilies‚ as well as many other gorgeous flowers bloom. While the flowers are blooming in December‚ the migratory birds like eagle‚ sacred ibis‚ bee-eaters‚ coucal‚ hornbill‚ sunbirds and many other feathered fauna arrive‚ hunt & breed in the park and remain there until February.